What Are the Symptoms of a Bad EGR Valve?


The symptoms of a bad EGR valve include a rough idle and an increase in fuel consumption. Overheating and pinging are other symptoms of bad EGR Solenoid. A knocking sound can also be heard.
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An EGR valve that fails to close properly can act as a vacuum leak, causing the fuel and air mixture to become too lean, resulting in an engine that sputters and misses at idle. This
First, lets talk a little bit a bout what does an EGR system do. The EGR valve either electric or mechanic is a component part of the emission system. It was designed to let back
An EGR that is stuck opencan very well cause the symptom you are decribing, including surging at idle and poor acceleration. Failure of GM EGR Valves is quite rare. A common problem
Symptoms of a bad egr valve on a car will include mis fires,
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