What are the symptoms of thumb arthritis?


Symptoms common in patients who have thumb arthritis are:
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Symptoms of Thumb Arthritis
Arthritis of the thumb, known as basal joint arthritis, most often strikes at the base of the thumb rather than where the thumb bends at the knuckle. But the condition can still reduce the strength and flexibility of the thumb, making everyday activities... More »
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Arthritis is a condition that causes pain swelling, redness and stiffness in the joints. It is common for arthritis suffers to experience increasing joint pain as the day progresses
1. Exercise regularly. Exercise can help your joints in two ways. First, it helps control your weight, which will relieve extra pressure that excess weight can place on your joints.
1 Know if you are at risk for arthritis. The following are factors associated with higher risk: Genes. There are distinguishing genes that create a higher risk of certain types of
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Sore thumb joints are a common symptom of arthritis, specifically a condition called basal joint arthritis. This disorder occurs when the cartilage in the thumb ...
Trigger thumb arthritis is a painful condition that causes the thumb to catch or lock in a bent position. The problem often comes from inflammation of tendons ...
There are various thumb swelling can be very annoying. This is a sign of inflammation which is accompanied and sometimes causes arthritis. You can ease ice packs ...
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