What is the bonding in Tin IV Iodide?


Judging by the difference in Electronegativities its likely covalent.
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Tin(IV) iodide, also known as stannic iodide is the chemical compound with
By direct synthesis, do you mean the reaction of metalic tin with iodine? Sn + 2I2 - SnI4. This is usually done in CCl4 as a solvent. The reaction is an oxidation-reduction reaction
For Nickel Iodide you must know the charge of Nickel.... PbCl4 Cr(CH3COO) SnBr4 Source(s): High School
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Tin iodide has two forms, tin (II) iodide and tin (IV) iodide. The formula for tin (II) iodide is SnI2. The formula for tin (IV) iodide is SnI4. They are also ...
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