What are the similarities of a dictionary and thesaurus?


Both dictionaries and thesauruses are useful, and they are both good when writing reports. Even though they both have different uses, they are, in a way, the same. :
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Start with the thesaurus version included in your computer software as most operating systems offer this free. You can access thesaurus on Microsoft Word if you highlight the word
Unfortunately, nothing on the web distinguishes the difference is size
I'd recommend Buck's classic (1949) "Dictionary of Selected Synonyms in the Principal Indo-European Languages". It is arranged like a thesaurus, by concept rather than alphabetically
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The Dictionary and Thesaurus API for Java is an add-on piece of software for Java applications that allows text to interact with dictionaries and thesauruses. ...
A dictionary is a book that lists words in a language in alphabetical order and provides their meaning while a thesaurus is a book that lists word in groups of ...
At Wordnik (wordnik.com), we're pretty confident that we have more words (= unique lexical items) than any other dictionary or thesaurus available online. That ...
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