Things to Do on Your 17th Birthday?


On your 17th birthday, have a bunch of friends over. Have a party without parents. Do something you have never thought of before. Go on a trip with your family.
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Things to Do on Your 17th Birthday
Even though it is sandwiched between two landmark years, a 17th birthday is still certainly cause for celebration. A 17-year-old has the best of both adolescence and adulthood -- he can often drive and be somewhat independent but does not have the... More »
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What is a fun thing to do for a 17th
1. Buy a video game with the. mature. rating. Call of Duty, Left 4 Dead, or Grand Theft Auto are good ones. 2. Have a cake with 17 candles on it. 3. Get your driver's license if you
1. Plan the color scheme of the party decor before you go shopping. Use his favorite color or the colors of his sports team. Alternatively, consider using the colors of the current
I'm 17 too : You have two options - to drink or not to drink. If you want to drink, you could play a few drinking games, bit of truth or dare, etc etc. If you don't want to drink,
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A fun thing to do for a 17th birthday party might be to rent out the local dance hall and hire a DJ to create a club scene with great lighting. For a more low ...
There are many things to say in a 17th birday card. One thing you can say it about how much the person is growing up into an adult. One funny that to say on a ...
There are various things that one can do on his or her 17th birthday. Some of these activities are having a themed party for boys where they put on fancy dresses ...
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