How to Survive post Tonsillectomy.?


1. If you are scared, talk to your Dr. He/she will assure you there is very little risk and the surgery really only takes about 15 - 20 minutes. 2. Make sure you get your pain killers before you go to the hospital for your surgery, or if the hospital
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Yuck, I had to have this surgery twice. For the adenoidectomy, I had a normal meal the next day. But the tonsils require things that just slip down. Maybe try something like a slimfast
Post-operative care for the patient who has had an open cholecystectomy, as with those who have had any major surgery, involves monitoring of blood pressure, pulse, respiration and
These refer to any symptomatic changes after an operation (post-operatively) They usually involve pain, swelling, difficulty moving (again, due to pain) and many others. The term
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A tonsillectomy is the surgical removal of the tonsils. To treat tonsillectomy in children, pain relief should be administered as directed by the post op team. ...
Before living the hospital after tonsillectomy surgery, your doctor or nurse will give you a post tonsillectomy care sheet. It will give you a list of care ideas ...
Tonsillectomy is a surgical removal of the tonsils. During the post-surgical stage, foods highly recommended are ice creams and puddings. Diet may also contain ...
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