How to Drive a Tractor Trailer?


Driving a tractor trailer differs based on it being an automatic or clutch. To drive automatic is simpler. Driving with a clutch you have to push in the clutch to shift and then release. For more information, look here:
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1. Make sure the tractor is in neutral, then depress both the clutch and the brake pedal, and start it up. Release the parking brake if it's engaged. 2. Keep the clutch fully depressed
1. Look for tractor safety issues. Walk around your tractor doing an inspection before climbing on. Loose wheel lugs, nuts or bolts may need periodic tightening. Check your tractor's
you can legally drive a tractor on the road at 16 years old providing that you have passed a tractor test you will also have to display a L plate once you have passed also the tractor
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To drive a tractor is similar to driving a manual or stick shift car. Depending on what type of tractor it is, it could be much larger or smaller than a car. ...
You can learn how to drive a tractor. Available online are video tutorials and step-by-step instructions. The key to operating a tractor is knowing how to operate ...
The legal age to drive a tractor in the Uk is 16 years old . ...
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