Traits and Attitudes of Scientists?


Traits and attitudes normally vary from person to person depending on the environment they stay in as this greatly influences their behaviors and way of life. Scientists are generally honest, courageous and intellectually sharp individuals who have a creative mind and are willing to take on risks. They also have a self-developing and insightful attitude and have a sense of responsibility towards other people around them.
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Dependability. Honesty. Positive Attitude. Keen Observer. creative. patient. curious. humble. intellectually honest. objective. Aware of the limitations of Science. Persevering. Open
A good scientist should possess the following
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The scientist typically exhibits certain traits. The attitudes of Scientists typically include a general thirst for knowledge and an inquisitive nature. Scientists ...
Traits of a good scientist may vary a little depending on the field. There are many fields of scientific study. Some of the general traits or attitudes needed ...
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