What is the translation of poetry to Spanish?


"Poesia' is Spanish for "poetry" and "Tenga un gran dia" is Spanish for
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The best, and easiest way to translate English to Spanish is to actually know both languages. However, if this is not the case, you can always try some online translation sites to
1. Provide students with 5 to 10 minutes of background information the day prior to working with the poetry in class. Have students generate differences between poetry and prose.
1 Decide what you want your poem to be about . If it's easier, decide in English what it should be about. 2 Learn basic Spanish adjectives and common words, if you do not know Spanish
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There are several ways you can translate Spanish. You can purchase, or check out from your local library, a Spanish-English dictionary or you can also use the ...
There are many websites that can translate English to Spanish, as well as other languages. There are also apps available for Android and Apple devices that can ...
The easiest way to translate Spanish is if it your first language. But, if you are not that lucky there are several programs and websites available that will do ...
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