Tree Roaches?


To kill tree roaches you should get rid of any firewood that is around the house. They will live in that. Then you should spray the house and places you have seen them with an insecticide. You may have to repeat this every few months to keep them away.
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1. Trim and prune all dead branches from trees. 2. Remove all old, dead wood from the property, including unused wood scraps, rotting fence boards or wood shingles, and decomposing
Is that local lingo for a palmetto bug? Quote: Originally Posted by twange I live 4 miles south of downtown, near South Congress and I see tree roaches regularly. Outside and inside
A Tree roach also known as waterbugs, Palmetto Bugs, or American c--- roach can live
Cockroaches won't harm your tree they are probably just using a cavity in the tree as harborage space.
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