Type of Government in Pakistan?


The type of government in Pakistan is a parliamentary democratic republic referred to as the State of Pakistan. The federal government was established by the Constitution of Pakistan. A Westminster system is the order of operations. It consists of three branches of government. These branches are government are referred to as the legislature, the judiciary, and the executive. The executive breach is headed by the Prime Minister of Pakistan. The President of Pakistan is a civilian commander-in-chief of the Pakistan Armed Forces.
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The Government of Pakistan
Conventional Name: Islamic Republic of Pakistan
Government Type: a federal republic
Voting Age: 18 years of age; universal; joint electorates and reserved parliamentary seats for women and non-Muslims
Chief: President Asif Ali Zardari
Head: Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif
Legislature: Parliament consists of the Senate (100 seats; six-year terms; one half elected every three years) and the National Assembly (342 seats; 60 seats reserved for women; 10 seats reserved for non-Muslims; to serve five-year terms)
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Pakistan is governed by a federal government. This type of government is defined as one in which sovereign power is formally divided usually by means of a constitution ...
The type of government used in the country of Pakistan is a federal government. The government in Pakistan follows a Westminster system and this system contains ...
Pakistan is an Islamic country whose government is a Federal Republic government. This is a form of government where the state restricts the powers of the central ...
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