How to Breed Bantam Chickens.?


1. Determine what your chickens will be used for. Bantams are popular as show birds and as pets, so knowing what you intend to use the chickens for is necessary for good results. Pet bantams can be any mix of varieties, but show birds must be
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Types of Bantam Chickens
Most breeds of normal chickens have a bantam counterpart. The bantam, or "banty," variety is a miniature version, usually about one-fourth the size of a normal chicken (See Reference 1). Bantam chickens behave similarly to normal chickens and produce... More »
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A classification, Bantams are among the oldest known
there are many breeds of chickens with feathered feed,bantam are a common one and they are refered to as pekin banthams.i have 3 that are 3 weeks old.
It depends on what type of chicken your raising, a meat chicken (for eating) or a laying chicken (for eggs). But whatever chciken your raising make sure your chickens get plenty of
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There are many different breeds of the bantam chicken. There are the Cochin, Barnevelder, Pekin, Polish Chicken, and Old English Game just to name a few. You ...
Penkin Bantams are a type of fancy chickens that are popular in the United Kingdom. They can be found in various colors from blue to silver, and red to black. ...
Old English Games Bantams are a breed of chicken that are available in many different breed types. Bantam is the smallest breed of chicken in Old English Game. ...
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