Types of Speech According to Purpose?


There are four basic types of speeches. There is a informative speech, a demonstrative speech, persuasive speech, and the last is a entertaining speech. A informative speech is a speech that the speaker is looking to give the audience new information. A demonstrative speech is a speech that shows the audience how to do something. A persuasive speech is is a speech that the speaker is looking to persuade the audience. A entertaining speech is a speech that keeps the audience entertained.
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The purpose of the different types of speeches is to help communicate. The purpose of a persuasive speech is to try and convince someone to do something. An informative ...
According to the Rambam (in Hebraic tradition) the five types are: Metzuveh, Ne'esar, Ma'us, Ahuv, and Mutar. For more information visit ...
The main purpose for this type of speech, is to convince or persuade the audience to the speakers point of view. this is why this is the most difficult of speeches ...
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