Use Bowdlerize in a Sentence?


Bowdlerize in a sentence can be used as he bowdlerized his passage very well. Bowdlerization should be made on all the books with indecent language. Bowdlerize means to remove materials such as words from a book for example that are considered violent or indecent.
Q&A Related to "Use Bowdlerize in a Sentence?"
To bowdlerise a piece of writing, is to edit it to make it more "suitable" for women and children - that is to change or remove sexual references and "bad" language
"Bowdlerize" in a sentence: Because of the bad words in the story, the
Bowdlerize means to remove material that is vulgar or offensive from a book or somesuch. It also means to modify, abridge, simplify. The racy pamphlet was given to the minister to
Because of the bad words in the story, the editor had to bowderlize it.
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