How can you use "inertia" in a sentence?


Here is an example of using "inertia" in a sentence: Marion felt a sense of inertia ever since receiving the news that her first novel had been rejected for publication by Hanover House.

The word "inertia" can be used as a medical or physics term, but it is often used to describe a person's feeling of emotional or physical sluggishness. Inertia denotes inaction or rather an inability to generate movement or feeling, even if a person wills it. The word originated from Latin in the early 18th century and meant lack of skill or slothfulness. In physics and medical terms, inertia is synonymous with a state of rest or lack of activity.

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inertia. _carried_it_forward_several_feet_after_the_driver_pushed_the_brakes.The car's. inertia. carried it forward several feet after the driver pushed the brakes.
Inertia is the resistance of any physical object to a change in its state of
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