Use Quiver in a Sentence?


An example of a sentence that has made use of the word quiver is, 'When she heard the bad news, her lips started to quiver.' Quiver is a term that is used to describe a slight trembling movement.
Q&A Related to "Use Quiver in a Sentence?"
The boy quivered at the thought of being whipped. I was very quivered when I saw a ghost!
Unfortunately for me, when I at last came upon the nest of cobras, my quiver was empty. When I saw the cobras, I began to quiver uncontrollably.
Robin Hood had many arrows in his quiver.
Some examples of the word in a sentence demonstrating its meaning. The lone leaf. quivered. in the wind. The lone leaf. shook. in the wind. My poor dog was. quivering. in fear. My
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