Use Quiver in a Sentence?


An example of a sentence that has made use of the word quiver is, 'When she heard the bad news, her lips started to quiver.' Quiver is a term that is used to describe a slight trembling movement.
Q&A Related to "Use Quiver in a Sentence?"
The boy quivered at the thought of being whipped. I was very quivered when I saw a ghost!
Unfortunately for me, when I at last came upon the nest of cobras, my quiver was empty. When I saw the cobras, I began to quiver uncontrollably.
He took the last arrow out of his quiver. She began to quiver at the sight of the blood. They set their quivers down on the table.
Quiver has a couple of meanings. A container for arrows is called a quiver. The verb quiver means to shake or tremble, as to quiver in fear at something.
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