What is an example of yearned in a sentence?


Example Sentences question: How do you use the word yearn in a sentence?
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"I yearn for pizza". I yearn for the day I leave North Star.
I say it with a southern drawl. We slur our words a lot so people. can't tell. Source(s) how about a bow and arrow?
"When Tom saw Julie walking down the hallway, his heart was filled with such yearning he felt a tear come to his eye". Anonymous
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Examples of how to use 'yearn' in a sentence include: 'Most teenagers yearn for the day when they can make their own decisions,' and 'I constantly yearn for pizza ...
To yearn is to have deep desire for. A sentence example might go like this. Do you yearn for someone to love you? Most would answer this question with a yes. ...
Nostalgia is a word that means to yearn for the past. For example, a sentence using this word is: Adults at Christmas time often feel nostalgia for the days when ...
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