How did velociraptor hunt?


Imagine this: You have come face to face with the ferocious Velociraptor! You might think his sight is based on movement like a T-rex. Then, if you don't move he won't see you but no , not him. If you stare at him, he stares straight back at you. He
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Velociraptor Information
Velociraptor (veh-LOSS-ih-RAP-tor) meaning "swift thief", referring to its speed and grasping hands (Latin velocis = swift + raptor = thief) was a small, agile, and... More »
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A .308 may be sufficient, but I'd be worried about penetration with how thick their skin is. Since they're so fast, as well as smart, it would be wise to hit them as hard as you can
Good question! Velociraptors hunted in packs much like wolves and lions.They would search for a young,old,sick or vulnerable victim. One or more members of the group would distract
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