How to Void a Personal Check.?


1. Use a blue or black ball-point pen to void your checks. Never use a pencil. 2. Print "VOID" in large letters across the middle of the check. 3. Write "Void" on the date line of the check and in the box on the right where you'd usually write the
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It's very common to make a mistake on a check. You do not want to just throw a check in the trash. It's best to mark the check with the word VOID in big, bold, letters so that the
1. Use an ink pen so that the markings will be completely indelible on the check and cannot be erased. 2. Write the word “void” across the payee line in large, clear letters
When ur not gonna use it after all. This video helps you figure it out, quick and simple: http://www.howcast.com/videos/284366-How-To-Void-a-Check.
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