Water Forms in the Philippines?


There are several water forms in the Philippines. It is an archipelago and is surrounded by the South China Sea, the Celebes Sea, and the Pacific Ocean. The Philippines also has rivers. The country is also home to lakes, such as the Laguna Lake.
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Engish Ocean Sea Waterfalls Gulfs Lake Filipino Karagatan Dagat Peninsula Talon
Humanity has long depended on groundwater, both for sustaining life and for agriculture. Cities, towns and settlements are often founded near a reliable and clean source of groundwater
There are quite a few water forms in the Philippines. The most common would be the rivers. There's also the waterfalls such as the Pagsanjan Falls from the province of Laguna which
by then...do you mean..."WHAT ARE THE BODIES OF WATER IN THE PHILIPPINES?' karagatan...ocean ilog...river look...gulf lawa....lake baybayin.....coastal area sapa.....stream batis
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