How to Extinguish a Fire?


Cut off the oxygen. Suffocate it. Use water or dirt. Or cover it completely with something so that no oxygen can get to it, and it will go out.
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How to Extinguish a Fire
There are several kinds of fires, and each can be handled differently. Grease, for example, tends to be one of the most common causes of fire in a home. A grease fire occurs during cooking where the grease from the pan will ignite by the heat in the... More »
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A fire extinguisher commonly has a tag on the nozzle that says what kind of fires it puts out. Most fire extinguishers also have a sticker on them saying what they are with pictures
Dry chemical fire extinguishers can be labeled "DC, meaning dry chemical. They also sometimes are labeled ABC or BC after the class of fire they extinguish. ABC dry extinguishers
The best way is with a fire extinguisher, but if you don't have one, rememb.
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Any time I have seen a car fire put out it is put out with foam. Usually a larger type tanker truck that carries a foam, much like the ones found in a fire extinguisher ...
The best way to clean up after using a fire extinguisher is to use a really good vacuum cleaner. You will want to vacuum up as much of the sodium bicarbonate that ...
1. Talk to your family about fire safety. Ask your children what they know, and fill in the blanks as you discuss escape routes and ways to extinguish a fire. ...
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