What is the Weather in Spain?


If you want to take a vacation in Spain you dont really need to pack heavy winter coats. Most of the country has a mediterranian weather all year around with mild winters and hot but not extremely hot summers.
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Current weather in Almeria, Spain
73º/61º 23º/16º
72º/59º 22º/15º
70º/59º 21º/15º
70º/59º 21º/15º
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It is about 129 miles (208 KM) and should take you about 3 hours to drive there.
Many people think of Spain as a country with perfect year-round weather. However, the country is marked by strong storms and high winds. In terms of temperature, average daily highs
well it depends where your flying from.... but Granada might be the closest
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Almeria weather is normally mild due to the unique positioning of the city in the west of Sierra de Gador and the northeast side of Sierra de Alhamilla. The coldest ...
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