What animals live by streams and river?


the answer is the beaver and then the fish.
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What Animals Live in Rivers & Streams?
The rivers and streams of North America provide habitat for many different types of animals. Certain mammals lead an aquatic life, using rivers and streams to find food. They move from place to place and build their homes in or near the water. Certain... More »
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Hundreds of species of fish either visit rivers to spawn or live in them year-round. Pacific salmon make dramatic runs up rivers to breed - the young salmon return to the sea. The
There are thousands different animals that live in or around the amazon river. The biggest snake of all, the Anaconda, The Manatee, the River Dolphin, the feared fish, the Piranha
More than likely salmons and trouts, perhaps chars, even. Source(s)B.
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Animals that live in rivers and streams include mammals such as the platypus and water rat, frogs, water birds including ducks and spoonbills, invertebrates such ...
Animals that live in rivers include fish which have stream-lined bodies to help them glide easily through the water. Several species of bird may be found on the ...
Freshwater biomes are small bodies of water. They include lakes, rivers, streams, and creeks. Some animals that live in freshwater biomes are manatees, frogs, ...
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