Cash Inflow and Outflow?


Cash inflows comes from payment for goods or services by customers, receipt of a bank loan, interest on savings and investments and shareholder investments. Cash outflows is money that goes out of a business such as purchase of stock, raw materials or tools, wages, rents and daily operating expenses, dividend payments, income tax and other forms of tax, loan repayments and reduced overdraft facilities.
Q&A Related to "Cash Inflow and Outflow?"
Exactly what it sounds like. A cash inflow means that cash is going into the company, and a cash outflow means cash is going out of the company.
1. List all your project expenses. Know the amount you will spend on materials, labor, equipments, and any other cost or expense that you will incur. Add these and the resulting figure
Working capital is the portion of money allowed for a project on budget, covering all parts of the project without over or under budgeting. The net working capital is that same money
You were correct with your first thought. Cash flow has nothing to do with revenue recognition (unless of course you were using cash basis accounting) Revenue is recognized and recorded
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