What are cricket bats made of?


Cricket bats are mostly made of willow wood. According to About.com, English willow and Kashmiri willow are the preferred varieties for making cricket bats. Ash wood can also be used.

A cricket bat generally comprises three parts: the blade, the handle and the grip. The blade is the main part that the player uses to hit the ball. Willow is the preferred wood for making cricket bats because it is light and tough. A new cricket bat is rubbed with linseed oil to make it "ready" for use. The oil penetrates the wood and makes the bat shrink as a result. The shrinking is due to the wood fibers pulling together, which makes the bat tougher.

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Quality cricket bats are made from English Willow trees. The harvesters say they plant 3 plants when 1 tree is cut and assure there will not be no shortage of English Willows in the
History. The game of softball was invented in Chicago in 1887, and for 82 years, the game was played with bats made of wood. Bats were made mostly of ash, but also pine and maple.
Wood or Metal.
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