What Are Key Drivers for Change in Business?


Key drivers for change in business are: Changing economic, political and social aspects .some organizations stagnate while others prosper in this changing context. Some of the factors driving organisations to change include competitive pressures resulting from globalization, the growth of consumer, power and the scientific technological revolution. Globalisation also creates threats and opportunities for businesses. Unforeseen forces are also drivers of change such as the economic downturn can cause global instability.
Q&A Related to "What Are Key Drivers for Change in Business"
According to Neal McWhorter, Chief Architect at Enterprise Agility, a business process change is intrusive. It may be forced upon the managers, who may be hesitant to change. Resistance
Why are the requirements changing? In general, stakeholders don't change the requirements because they're bored. In order to answer this question, you need to figure out the root
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