What is the difference between subculture and microculture?


microculture, sociology wise, I'm guessing is like microworld: your smaller world that you have direct contact with (as opposed to macroworld, which is the bigger world we only have knowledge about) subculture is like sub genre - ie, with music, you
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Microculture refers to the specialised subgroups, marked with their own
Emo kids or tuner (or rice burner/nopi) kids. Those are the only one's that come to mind.
(mī'krō-kŭl'chər) n. Biology. A small-scale culture of organisms, cells, or tissues. Sociology. The distinctive culture of a small group of people within a limited
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Micro-cultures are sub-sects of a more generalized or broad culture. A few examples of micro-cultures can be easily pulled from video game enthusiasts. There are ...
Micro-culture is the unique culture of a small group of people. Micro-culture is categorised according to language, education, socio-political and economic status ...
A microculture is a specialized group within a community. They usually have their own language and rules. A subculture a group within a culture that has some differences ...
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