What Are Tertiary Colors?


Tertiary colors are colors that are a combination of primary and secondary colors. Primary colors are red, yellow and blue of course, secondary colors are orange, green and violet (purple). Colors on this palette are considered to be very calming in nature and are especially popular choices for children. You can find more information here: http://www.colourtherapyhealing.com/colour/tertiary_colours.php
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tertiary color
a color, as brown, produced by mixing two secondary colors.
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A color resulting from the equal mixture of a primary color with either of the secondary colors adjacent to it on a color wheel. bluegreen, yellowgreen, redviolet
Saturation is the degree of chroma or purity of a color. Basically,
A primary bronchus is the first branch off the trachea, further branching leads to the secondary bronchus and then tertiary as you get deeper into the lung.
a fox is. tertiary.
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