What are the main rivers in Germany?


The Main is a river in Germany, 524 km (329 miles) long (including the White Main, 574 km (357 mi)), and it is one of the more significant tributaries of the Rhine. The Main flows through the German states of Bavaria, Baden-W?rttemberg (forming the border with Bavaria for some distance) and Hesse.
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The main river in Germany is the Rhine River which is the longest and most important river in Europe for irrigation, transport and industrialization. It is 1,233km long and is served by three major tributaries. The tributaries are the Main River, River Moselle and River Neckar. The Main River is 524 km long.
The Germany's main river is called Latin Moenus. The Main River flows towards South-westerly, just around the northern end of the mountains of Fränkische to Bamberg. The river is approximately 524 km (329 miles) long.
The main river in Germany is the Rhine (Rhein in German) with a German part of 865 km. Its main tributaries include the Neckar, the Main and the Moselle (Mosel). The river offers water to many manufacturing and industrial cities as well as tourist water travelling along the river.
The main rivers in Germany are River Danube, Rhine, Elbe and River Weser. German river cruises are famous worldwide, taking tourists through magnificent cities like Dusseldorf and Cologne.
Germany's main river is river Rhine or Rhein in German which flows for over 1,232 km from Graubünden in the Eastern Swiss Alps all the way to the North Sea coast in the Netherlands. It flows through 6 countries i.e. Switzerland, Austria, Germany, Principality of Liechtenstein, France and the Netherlands.
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