How Much does 1 Million Dollars Weigh?


$1,000,000 weight depends on the denomination of the bills. There are 454 bills in a pound. If it was $100 bills it would weigh about 220 pounds. If it was $20s, it would weight over 1,000 pounds and you will need a very big wallet and pocket.
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What Are Taxes on 1 Million Dollars?
Federal taxes have brackets. This means as your income increases, the tax rate you pay increases. The tax rate also varies by your filing status and number of exemptions. Filing status can be single, married filing jointly, head of the household or... More »
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That's going to depend on how you got it, where you got it, what you did with it, what else you got in the same year besides the $1.5 million, and where you live.
1. Keep a record of all your expenses! Record everything (if Possible) that you spend. Also remember to take into account all your future expenses for the year. 2. Start a log of
It all depends on what state you live
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Unfortunately, how much taxes would be on one million dollars differs upon location. In most states, taxes are presently 9% as of 2012. This means that taxes on ...
The dollar is the official and legal tender of the USA. As such, a million dollars is simply money or currency that is equal to or has been calculated to be exactly ...
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