What are two irish organisations that provide help to famine victims/?


The British Red Cross - Crisis Charity Organisation and the 5th largest charity, The Red Cross UK. Unlike the Salvation Army where many of its workers are paid, the Red Cross is recognized by the British government as a voluntary aid society which has over 31,000 volunteers and 2,600 staff. It helps people in crisis across the UK and overseas and was founded in 1870 to help casualties of the France and Prussia war, it was later reconstituted as 'The British Red Cross Society' by HM King Edward VII in 1908 and followed by assisting soldiers on the front-line of the 1st & 2nd world wars. The Salvation Army - Evangelical Christian Charity The Salvation Army is one of the more older charities mentioned in this article, it was founded in1865 by one man named William Booth who was a Methodist minister and his wife Catherine. It began in the East end of London preaching to the poor and providing the homeless with aid, its motto being the three 'S's First: Soup, Second: Soap and Third: Shelter.
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