What Breed of Dog Am I?


There are various dog breeds and some of the common ones are: Brussels griffon, Bulldog, Briard, Border collie, Belgian sheep dog, Akita, Dalmatian, English setter and English foxhound. A choice should be made after knowing your needs; whether you need a guard dog, whether it is good with children, or easy to train.
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Well there are many different breeds of dog. To determine this you can check various books and online resources. However, if you are a dog, you may want to call the news because you are typing quite well. You can find more information here: http://www.akc.org/breeds/complete_breed_list.cfm
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There are about 155 breeds of dogs recognized by the AKC. These are only the pure bred dogs, and does not include any mixed breeds. If you are including the mixed breeds then the
1. Identify the breeds to mix. Investigate the breed standards carefully, noting the genetic strengths and weaknesses of each. Speak to a veterinarian or an experienced breeder of
1. Measure out the area where you want to build the kennel. Make a string perimeter of the area that you have measured for your reference. 2. Pound a fence post into each corner of
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Popular breeds of dogs are only known from the statistics of registered dogs in different countries. The most popular breed of dog by registration according to ...
There are numerous breeds of dogs and they include: Greyhound Breed, Lurcher Breed, Border Collie Breed, German Shepherd Dog Breed, Staffordshire Bull Terrier ...
When to breed a dog depends so much on the breed and size of the dog. Females should usually not be bred before their first birthday, and some breeds are two ...
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