What Causes Extinction?


The term extinction is used to mean end of an organism of group of organisms. The most common cause of extinction is inability of that particular organism to cope with competition from other creatures. However, destruction of habitats and toxic pollution also lead to extinction.
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Extinction refers to the total elimination of a species. Extinction can be caused due to habitat destruction, genetic pollution, disease, and global warming.
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The Giant Panda, and the Red Panda are both still living animals. They are not extinct, therefore listing the causes of their extinction isn't possible. The Giant Panda is listed
Volcanism, asteroid bombardment, radiation from space, climate change from various causes, disease, and (future) nuclear war.
They are not extinct. We have only a few hundred adult individuals alive.
== Causes for Dinosaur Extinction == Since about 90% of dinosaurs were herbivores (plant eaters), it was thought that when an asteroid hit earth and many tons of dust was thrown into
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