What causes purple legs?


Purple legs signify a problem with circulation and can be a result of diabetes or heart-related problems, according to Everyday Health and the New York Times. In both cases, purple legs or feet are a significant health problem and warrant a discussion with a doctor to prevent amputation or further complications, according to Everyday Health.

Everyday Health explains that in the case of diabetes, complications that lead to amputation can be prevented when caught early. It is important for people with diabetes to examine their feet daily for signs of redness or swelling and to contact their doctor immediately if they recognize any numbness, swelling or purple or blue appearance.

Purple or blue skin in the legs may also signify peripheral artery disease, which is a result of the hardening of arteries that prevents blood flow to the legs, according to the New York Times. Initial symptoms include pain in the legs during exercise and numbness and tingling in the legs while resting. Peripheral artery disease is in an advanced state when the color of the skin in the legs becomes blue or purple and it is necessary to seek treatment as soon as possible. Regular physical activity and a healthy diet can control or prevent the development of diabetes or peripheral artery disease.

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