What Colors Make Coral?


The color coral is a mix of pink and tangerine, you could try a ratio of three parts pink to one part tangerine for a vivid shade of coral. If a paler shade is preferred, add some white until the desired shade is obtained.
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Coral is described as being a pinkish-orange color and it can be quite hard to match or duplicate. It is suggested that combining 3 parts of a rose pink with 2 parts of a lemon yellow colors would make a great coral.
Since coral is a shade of pink, you could experiment with a mixture of red and white plus orange, depending if you want a dark shade of coral or a light shade.
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Coral is a colour in between orange and red. It can range from a shade of pink to a soft terra cotta. It is also referred to as salmon, peach, apricot or melon. ...
There are several colors that go well with the color coral. Black, white, cream and silver all look nice with coral. Turquoise and aqua are two other colors ...
You can go with teal, Cream, champagne, pale yellow ,orange, gold, apricot, amber, sand beige, ivory or black are the colors that matches coral since they are ...
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