What Colour Are the Eggs of a Blackbird?


The eggs of the blackbird have a bluish-green colour marked with reddish-brown blotches. The blackbirds are a species of the true thrush and breed across Europe, Asia and North Africa and are partiality migratory.
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The eggs of a Blackbird are bluish green in colour and they are normally covered with brown splotches. These birds are totally black in colour but the female species are dark brown colour. These birds usually raise two or three broods of chicks in a single year.
The eggs of a blackbird are bluish green, and are covered with brown splotches. When they hatch, they produce juveniles, which vary in shades of brown, and the darker are presumably males. Adult females are sooty-brown in colour and adult males have a glossy black plumage.
The female blackbird is not black! She is a dark brown colour, and does not have the bright yellow beak or eye-ring seen in the male. The eggs are bluish green, and covered with brown splotches.
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Blackbirds eggs are blue with brown speckles. Anonymous
The male blackbird is black with an orange/yellow beak and the female is brown.
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