What Country Code Is 0023?


Country codes are used when dialling an international phone number. On the same note, exit codes, which are also known as International Direct Dialling or international access codes, are codes used for dialling out of your country. 0023 is the exit code of Brazil under the Intelig, a service provider based in Brazil.
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The country that used the code is 0023 is Brazil. It is normally used as an exit code for Intellig mobile network. Exit codes are normally used while dialing out of one's own country.
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Country codes beginning with +23 are in western Africa, but you need the next digit.
Depending on the next digit, you’ll identify which area the code belongs. These are the countries included in the 23 range code: Cameroon - 237. Cape Verde - 238. Central African
a country code is a short numeric code, usually two or three numbers, that represents a country used for dialing someone. For example, the USA country code is 001.
Telephone country code +1 includes the United States, Canada, and several island countries/territories in or near the Caribbean.
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