Charles Darwin?


Charles Darwin is widely known for his theory of evolution by adaptation and natural selection. This theory explains how all animals slowly change and adapt to their environment in order to survive. His theories contested the theory of creation, which states that everything was created by God. This theory was widely believed before he made his evolution theory known.
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Charles Darwin
Born: February 12, 1809
Birthplace: Shrewsbury, England
Died: April 19, 1882
Charles Darwin was an English naturalist best known for establishing the scientific theories of evolution and natural selection. He published this theory in the seminal book The Origin of Species (1859).
Charles Darwin gave the world the theory that all species of life have descended from the common ancestor over a period of time. He proposed a theory and called it the natural selection.
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Charles Darwin is responsible for the discovery of how different species developed, and subsequently wrote 'Origin of the Species.' In the 1830's, he traveled via the HMS Beagle to
Who is Charles Darwin? Why is he important? What was he like as a person? Charles Darwin is often called the father of evolutionary biology. Because his impact on science has been
darwin_prposed_the_theory_that_evoultion_happens_through_natural_selection. " darwin prposed the theory that evoultion happens through natural selection.
Dr. Stan Guffrey of the University of Tennessee says that Charles Darwin started out studying theology in Cambridge with the intent to begin a career in the Church of England. But
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Charles Darwin is credited with the discovery of the various ways in which species developed. He was the author of the book 'Origin of Species', and is best know ...
He was an English naturalist who used to travel miles to get facts ,so that he can support the theory of evolution. ...
Charles Darwin discovery is important because is has been used to explain an understand evolution species. Charles Darwin discovery is the focal point of the whole ...
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