What Did Henry VIII Look like?


Henry VIII was 6 feet tall and had russet, red - gold hair. He had fair skin and light blue eyes that were said to ?render anyone, male or female, spellbound?. When he married Anne Boleyn (1533), he began to grow a beard which was the same red - gold as his hair.
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Carmen SanDiego.
Henry VIII was born in Greenwich, England. He was born on June 28th 1491. He became King of England when his father died on April 21st 1509.
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He was considered handsome and athletic. ...
The English flag that was used during the reign of Henry VIII was the Royal Standard of England, used from 1405 to 1603. It was divided into four equal quarters ...
Henry VIII was Henry Tudor and king of England from 1509 - 1547. He is the most famous of English kings as he was the first king to have had 6 wives, divorcing ...
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