What Did the Vikings Invent?


The Vikings were the ones who invented the first practical magnetic compass. They used it in their travels to colonize or in war and it enabled them to cross seas and oceans to reach the new lands and to invade England. They however kept the existence of the magnetic compass as a secret.
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The dragon-headed longship, also known as the dreker, is the invention the Vikings had to thank for their domination over medieval warfare, trade and politics. These ships were stealthy
I'm pretty sure they invented lots of things but their most famous would have to be the long ship. It was the fastest boat in its time but im not sure if its still the fastest boat
I couldn't find a date for the creation of the Viking calendar. The Roman
The long ship, flexible and maneuverable. The magnetic compass. The comb. The warp-weighted loom. . Source(s) www.ehow.com › Hobbies & Science.
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