How to Look After a Dog?


For many dogs scratching can become a nervous habit. Be sure to check the locations he is scratching for any types or rashes or bites. If the scratching persists and you don't think it's normal talk to your vet to make sure it's not a more serious
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1. Stay calm. Being too excited may trouble the dog and cause further injury. Soothe your pet to keep her from getting upset. 2. Refrain from diagnosing your dog's bruised eye yourself
Answer If they are limping then call the dog up onto your couch. Check under the pad of the sore leg and if they pull their foot back then it's a bruised pad. It may also be a legiment
1. Slow down. If you are riding a. bike. or scooter, slow down because dogs are often scared of wheels. If you are running and talking loudly to your friends, stop running and walk
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To care for an eye bruise on your dog just give it time to heal. There isn't much we can do except give them love. You can try to put an ice pack on it if the ...
If a dog is limping it could be due to a broken bone in his paw. hip or leg. It may be due to an infection, cut or bruise on the paw or paw pad. It could also ...
Sores on dogs' paws might be as a result of allergy on grass, walking on hot pavement or stepping on cut pieces of glass or concrete thus causing bruises. Proper ...
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