What Do Husky Dogs Eat?


Most husky dogs feed either on Kibble or Raw Diets, or a combination of the two. Siberian huskies should be fed 1 ½ – 2 ½ cans (13.3oz) of high-quality meat food, with the sane amount of biscuits added. If feeding your dog dry food only, give them 5 cupfuls of a good quality, complete dry food.
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Huskies are considered a large breed dog therefore they eat large amounts of dog food. Huskies have also been known to bring home presents of small animals such as chipmunks or squirrels
An Alaskan husky will eat hamburger, steak, and other meats. a serbian husky dog dont hardy eat it sleep most of da time Poseted By Sweetie 1 In the wild a husky would of been fed
1. Get control over your dog, first. This doesn't mean to treat him unkindly, it only means to make sure that he knows you are in charge. You should take your dog on a lead and make
1 Draw the guidelines of the husky frame. Start at the right corner by drawing a round circle for the head and a real small circle for the snout. Then draw a large oblong shape for
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Huskies normally eat rabbits, squirrels as well as cats and they will eat as much as they get. Generally, huskies are medium-sized, fattening dogs and they are ...
The best kind of food that Huskies can eat is what mushers give their dogs. Among other things, they give a varied diet that includes, a high quality dry kibble ...
Alaskan huskies typically eat whatever their owner feeds them. Though they used to be hunting dogs and sled racing animals, they are now just as much house pets ...
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