What Do Jewel Beetles Eat?


Jewel Beetles eat nectar, leaves and wood. There are over 14,700 different types of Jewel Beetles and more are still being discovered. They live short lives.
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Well I think a snake or a bird. Maybe even a fox.
Jewel beetles, also sometimes known as metallic or wood-boring beetles, are usually very colorful. They can be found in solid or patterned colors, such as blues, greens, browns, yellows
That realy depends on the type of beetle you are asking about. Some will eat only specific plants, while other will eat various plants and snails.
nobody knows.
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Each species of beetle eat different things. The majority of beetles eat leaves or plants. Also, some beetles eat other smaller animals such as insects or spiders ...
There is thousands of different beetles, and not all of them eat the same thing. Beetles eat things like plants, small animals, fungi, spiders and poop. It would ...
Moles, squirrels,and raccoons will all eat a beetle. Also spiders, snakes, wasps, and most lizards would love to have a beetle for dinner. For more information ...
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