What Do Meerkats Eat?


Meerkats are small animals that primarily live in southern Africa. They are insectivores, meaning their diet mainly consists of insects such as worms, spiders, and crickets. They also feed on small mammals and reptiles. Their highly sensitive sense of smell enables them to forage for food, often found underground.
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Meerkats eat insects, small vertebrates, eggs and some vegetation.
A meerkat enjoys eating things like birds, small rodents and even insects. I would think they must get very hungry if they will change from eating a bird to choosing an insect. You can find more information here: www.fellowearthlings.org/meerkat-trivia.html
Meerkats are mammals belonging to the mongoose family. They are not too heavy, they eat worms, grass, dirt, leaves and plants. They like to dig and live in burrows.
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a lion.
Meerkats eat a lot of bugs, including termites, beetles, and grubs. In fact, bugs are what meerkats eat the
None, meerkats are carnivores. They eat invertebrates such as insects, millipedes and scorpions, and occasional small vertebrates like lizards.
They are in the carnivore family, but, they will eat almost anything they come in contact with, fruits, roots, vegetables, plants, insects, and any meat they can kill
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A meerkat is primarily an insectivorous animal but can also eat snakes, scorpions, eggs, spiders, lizards, plants, millipedes, centipedes, small mammals and small ...
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