What eats a panda bear?


There are no animals that will eat adult pandas, but leopards will kill baby pandas. Humans are actually the Giant Panda's biggest threat, but not usually for food. For more information, look here: http://www.enchantedlearning.com/subject.
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The snow leopard eats the red panda.
Giant pandas live in dense bamboo forests in western China. Though these forests once spanned a greater area, the Smithsonian National Zoological Park reports that forest clearing
Watching the pandas in the zoo, they seem to prefer oatmeal and fruits to bamboo, but in the wild there are no oatmeal or fruits to be had. What's astonishing is that pandas CAN eat
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Giant pandas have several adaptation like eating when sitting up. They also have an elongated wrist bone and fleshy 'arms' to hold onto bamboo stems. Another ...
Pandas do not have many natural enemies. Humans are the number one predator for a Giant Panda. On occasion, a jackal or leopard may eat a Giant Panda cub, but ...
Pandas eat the leaves, stems, and branches of bamboo trees. There are 30 different types of bamboos that pandas eat. The particular type that they eat depends ...
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