What Does a Pinworm Eat?


A tomato pinworm is a small moth that is a green worm in larva form. The green larva later turns into a gray worm, which transforms into a moth. Types of plants fed on by the tomato pinworm include tomato, eggplant, chili and potato, known as
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Pinworms live by eating nutrients found in your digested food.
Pinworms are parasitic & live primarily with their heads attached to the walls of the lower
Tapeworms are what make you lose weight...not pin worms....actually pin worms are not medically speaking harmful they are an annoyance as they make your rectum itch,,,you can see
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Pinworms look like small white worms. They are an infestation of worms usually in school-age children. ...
Pinworms are aquired by eating foods that have animal feces in them, infected with the parasite or its eggs. Mainly found in children, these parasites hang out ...
Pinworms cannot cause much harm, rather they cause itching. The best way in avoiding pinworms is washing hands after activities and before eating in warm running ...
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