What Are the Functions of a Sinus Cavity?


The sinus cavity is divided into the nasal cavity, which is within the pronounced area of the nose, mouth and throat, and the paranasal sinuses that are located throughout the skull. The American Cancer Society explains that the nasal cavity
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A cavity is, simply, a hole in something. People need to brush their teeth regularly to prevent cavities. A cavity in your tooth will become larger and larger as time goes by, eventually
A sinus cavity appears much like two chambers next to each other with a small opening connecting
The maxillary sinus.
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There are several sinus cavity locations in the human skull. The maxillary sinuses are located on either side of the nose, just under the eye sockets. The frontal ...
A sinus is a cavity that is mostly located within a bone or other tissues. This cavity can be found in the bones of the face or the skull that connects with the ...
1. Learn where sinus cavities are located. Many people are surprised to learn how far the sinus cavities in the head extend. There are sinus cavities in your forehead ...
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