How to Feed Ladybugs.?


1. Place fresh grass in the bottom of a glass jar or bug cage. Add several twigs to provide the ladybug with something to climb and to allow children to watch the ladybug easily. 2. Drop two or three drops of water from a medicine dropper onto the
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Try plain and sweetened water (add sugar) and also try putting small worms/larvae (chewable for their size) and also try black ants' eggs or nymph (usually found under rotting wood)
Ladybugs eat leaves and plants but most eat aphids, scale insects. they are very low on maintenance, take
aphids. ladybugs will only eat plant juces if starving. typicly they are insectavores and they loooovee aphids. http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index?…. Source(s) gardeners
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In order to feed ladybugs, you'll need to collect some plant mites and other small insects as this is what their diet consists of. You can place the mites of ...
A ladybug, or lady beetle, is a bug that is typically 8 to 10 mm. Ladybugs have a life span of two to three years in the wild. Some species of ladybugs feed on ...
Ladybugs feed on insects and will devour large quantities of aphids which are very harmful to plants. It's a lucky gardener that has a few ladybugs hanging around ...
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