What Does 18k GE Mean on a Ring?


18K GE on a ring means the ring is made of 18 karat gold. The percentage of gold in the ring is 75%. GE stands for gold electroplate which is a thin layer of gold on the surface of the metal of the ring.
Q&A Related to "What Does 18k GE Mean on a Ring?"
18k means that it is 18 karrot however, the GE indicates that it is GOLD ELECTROPLATING this means that there is a very thin layer of gold over a base metal. The SA is a makers mark
18K HGE is 18K Hard Gold Electroplate
1. We'll start with 14k and 18k gold. Both of these metals are perfect for engagement rings. Both of these gold alloys are much less expensive than platinum. 14k gold, whether it
Basically it is gold plated costume jewery, and may have a value of around $40? Really depends on the piece. Not sure what the SA part stands for. The GE means it is Gold Electroplate
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