How Big is 2gb?


1gb is about 1000 megabytes. So 2gb would be almost 2000 megabytes, or 1 million killobytes. When speaking in computer terms all these bytes can make your head spin!
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What 2GB of RAM stands for is 2 Gigabytes of Random Access memory or RAM. These 2 GB of RAM tells you how much total memory can be stored within RAM, all it means is that 2 Gigabytes
Two gigabytes is the same as 2,128 megabytes. There are 1,064 megabytes in each gigabytes. ChaCha
You only have 1.6 GB RAM. It rounds up the numbers and gives you an equal estimate of how much RAM it has, for example, my computer says it has 4 GB RAM but it only has 3.8 GB RAM
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The amount that a 2GB device will hold depends on what you are putting on it. If you are saving songs, they average 5MG, that would mean you could hold around ...
2GB is a multiple of the unit byte for digital information storage. The prefix giga means 109 in the International System of Units (SI). Therefore, 2 gigabyte ...
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